Acrylic Glass: Products

Deep Drawn Parts

Functionality meets design

When thermally re-shaping plastics, KUERA fabricates functional deep-drawn parts that are used in the most diverse areas of life, whether this be, for instance, medical technology or the consumer industry.

At the point of sale, perspex stands, counter displays, floor displays, display stands, individual plastic display units and lighting displays attract the desired attention. We fabricate customised moulded components for you, deploying component geometry that can range from simple through to complex – from a few centimetres to life-size display units.

Acrylglas Scheiben

acrylglas zuschnitte

A host of colourful materials cut to size – available at lightning speed

Excellent potentiality within an sphere of action of 4600 x 4300 mm.

KÜRA offers you an attractive range of high-quality materials that can be swiftly cut to the size you require. We always stock in excess of 3,000 format panels. There are virtually no limits on your mandates in terms of colours and surface finishes.

KÜRA has an efficient cutting centre equipped with vertical panel saws that boast an operational range of 4600 mm to 4300 mm. You can obtain the following materials in no time at all and have them cut to your desired specifications.

We can also offer you the most diverse types of tubing, rods and half shells in the most diverse designs and materials.

OEM Solarium Panels

Technical expertise, in-house jig and tool manufacture, the highest quality in machining and efficient production have made KÃœRA GmbH a leading OEM for solarium panels. Market-leading producers of professional sun beds have been successfully working with us for years.

The panel systems are individually adapted to the respective bed type – from ultraviolet (UV) radiation intensity to reflector geometry. Because of their specific features, the solarium panels can be used both in cosmetic and in therapeutic facilities.

Optimal material properties
The high-quality solarium panels are fabricated by KÃœRA from a special type of acrylic glass that has outstanding material properties:

  • Excellent design with a smooth surface
  • High temperature resistance
  • Outstanding UV resistance against UVA and UVB radiation
  • High UV permeability
  • Optimal transparency
  • Outstanding surface hardness, yet lightweight
  • Skin-friendly and hygienic surface

individual Profiles

Hard PVC and soft PVC, polystyrene and polyethylene are the primary materials machined. In addition to these, plastics are used according to customers‘ specifications. Extruded profiles for

  • Furniture and construction industry
  • Utility vehicles (caravans, motor homes)
  • Swimming pools
  • Electronics industry





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