Acrylic Glass: Our Competences

security gates

Deterrence – of course, but not at first glance. Thanks to their functional design, the Küra gates that are equipped with state-of-the-art transponder technology for goods‘ surveillance go well with any shopping environment, thus consistently permitting an unhampered view of essentials without losing sight of the requisite security aspect.

Special designs

Anyone who wishes to display goods or present services to their best advantage is in good hands with KÜRA.

KÜRA manufactures customised display, shelving and showcase systems, shop interiors, illuminated boxes for outdoor advertising, furniture and accessories. KÜRA is also commissioned by well-known companies to make customised trophies for award presentations. KÜRA’s acrylic glass systems are used both in industry and in medicine. Manufacturers of incubator systems that provide care for premature babies and newborns the world over rely on KÜRA’s quality standards for the casing and hoods of the „boxes“. Acrylic glass systems also proliferate in warehouses where security gates are positioned by escalators and exits to safeguard against theft. KÜRA is your expert partner for customised, optimal quality – from one-off pieces to high-volume production. We’ll work together to find the best possible solution for you.

Shop Interior

Küra’s specially fabricated acrylic glass systems offer shop interiors functionality, customised design and a host of usage variants. High-quality components provide an excellent platform for products of all types and assimilate with technical equipment, lighting, exterior design and the shop window to form a harmonious whole. Irrespective of whether it’s a car dealership, a hairdresser or a bakery that’s involved – our state-of-the-art machining facilities and experience derived from hundreds of projects makes pretty much anything possible.

trophies and award

Trophies are mementoes of particularly wonderful moments. For a number of years now, KÜRA has been engaged in swiftly manufacturing customised trophies that leave a lasting impression. Thanks to laser technology, there are virtually limitless possibilities in terms of a trophy’s aesthetics. Whether for sports events, company awards, football club competitions or other occasions. We fabricate by following drawings or design trophies in consultation with you. Individuality that evokes emotion and lingers in the memory.

Medical technology

There’s hardly an industry that demands higher standards in terms of quality and precision than does medicine. Lives can depend upon it. Küra delivers this quality. Acrylic glass incubators, for instance, create the conditions for survival that premature babies need. Transport incubators made from acrylic glass meet the high requirements that the transportation of newborns mandates. Additionally, Küra has ongoing outfitting partnerships in the areas of operating theatre technology and hospital equipment.


KÜRA offers you the option of creating clever accessories that are real eye-catchers – both in the workplace and at home. We can fabricate figurines in all sizes up to an impressive 1.5 m x 2 m. There are no limits to the imagination using state-of-the-art laser technology.

Outdoor advertising – in focus

Attracting attention, yet remaining unobtrusive: in advertising, lettering crafted from slivers of acrylic glass superimposed on illuminated outdoor units exudes quality and conveys subtle and, thus, solid messaging.


KÜRA GmbH leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to the implementation of furniture concepts. Shapes and colours can be infinitely configured and brought together as one-off units or high-volume series as required. We offer end-to-end service solutions: from graphical concretisation of the customer’s requirements through to delivery of the fabricated item of furniture.

Serial Components

Serial and moulded components – functionality marries elegance

KÜRA GmbH is able to guarantee cost-effective and timeline-compliant production on the strength of its state-of-the-art machining facilities. If desired, the experienced team will support you as early as during the product development stage and will work out the most economical method of fabrication of serial components for you such that they are both elegant and functional. Serial and moulded components fabricated in accordance with drawings, e.g. for casing, technical parts and coverings.

luminaries - Luminosity

Combining light and shadow harmoniously: a challenge that requires a high degree of creativity, high-grade materials and high-quality design. In conjunction with Fitz Licht, the well-known manufacturer of desktop luminaires, wall-mounted lights and recessed floor luminaires, Küra offers a wide range of high-quality, timelessly attractive and also customised luminaire creations fashioned from acrylic glass.

Acrylic Glass - PLEXIGLAS® - Plastics

malleable - resilient - versatile