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ACRYLic glass

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Competence in Acrylic Glass (PLEXIGLAS®) and Plastics

A host of colourful materials cut to size – available at lightning speed

Excellent potentiality within an sphere of action of 4.600 x 4.300 mm.  KÜRA offers you an attractive range of high-quality materials that can be swiftly cut to the size you require. We always stock in excess of 1,500 format panels. There are virtually no limits on your mandates in terms of colours and surface finishes.

KÜRA has an efficient cutting centre equipped with vertical panel saws that boast an operational range of 4600 mm to 4300 mm. You can obtain the following materials in no time at all and have them cut to your desired specifications. Excellent potentiality within an sphere of action of 4600 x 4300 mm. We can also offer you the most diverse types of tubing, rods and half shells in the most diverse designs and materials.

  • Alu composite panels
  • PVC foam panels
  • PVC panels
  • POM panels
  • Polystyrene panels
  • PE panels
  • PA panels 
  • Acryli glass XT
  • Acrylic glass GS
  • Double-webbed panels
  • Polycarbonate panels
  • A – PET panels
  • PET – G panels

Acrylic Glass & Plastics
Processing and Trading

Profiles - Plates - tubes - Design objects - furniture


Hardly any other material is as versatile as Plexiglas®. It is transparent, clear or colored and unbreakable. Under heat it is rather pliable and can be bent, pressed and deep drawn into shapes.


Individual Production

Small Series

Mass Production